Aruba Cloud

Aruba Cloud Computing

Created in 1994, Aruba Cloud the leader in the cloud computing market in Italy and some others europeans countries. Since 2012, Aruba SAS target the french Market.

The Aruba Cloud datacenters are situated in France, Italy (2 datacenters), Czech Republic.

The Aruba cloud-based products and services:

The offered products and services cover website hosting, business application hosting or storage in the cloud.

All ressources (CPU, RAM, Storage) can be purchased on-demand to suit exactly your needs. This on-demand model is also proposed by other players such as SoftLayer or Gandi.

Pricing is based on consumption (by the hour).

The platform is available in French, English and Italian.

Exclusive Free trial offer for's users

Aruba offers a 50€ voucher to'users. Even if not enough to really run an application or a large website, this allows for an initial testing and familiarization with the Aruba cloud computing environment. To take advantage of this, you only have to sign up at Aruba Cloud website.

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