Cloudwatt public cloud

Discover Cloudwatt, the OpenStack based Public Cloud offer of Orange Business Services.

The Cloudwatt offer is a IaaS cloud offer providing on-demand flexible resources to build innovative solutions to host cloud-ready applications. Users can access a wide range of services through a digital portal or through the OpenStack APIs. This offering includes a unique French offer of Big Data as a Service including the latest distributions. Coupled with other solutions from Orange Business Services, Cloudwatt enables customers to build successful cloud platforms to optimize their business and incorporate the latest technologies such as IoT.

This offer is directed to professionals in data and IT, to both public organizations and enterprises.

The Cloudwatt’s portfolio services includes:

  • Virtual server instances with a range of different profiles of vCPUs, RAM and local disk as you need
  • Object or block storage that can be resized as you wish
  • Advanced networking features including direct BGP, MPLS or Business VPN Galerie connections enabling the deployment of Virtual Private Cloud
  • Open source apps library deployable in 1-click
  • Professional services to facilitate user support: coaching, training, support, tutorials, blog, ...

5 reasons to choose this public cloud solution:

  • Adopt Openstack, an open source technology, which imposes itself as the world standard with over 4000 daily contributors,
  • Innovate easily with the flexibility and variety of available resources,
  • Use our open APIs facilitating the administration of your platforms,
  • Rely on a secure sovereign infrastructure: platforms are hosted in data centers located in France and operated by Orange, which ensures customers the location of their data on the national territory and a legislative framework under French and European law,
  • Benefit from an interconnectivity facilitating the establishment of virtual private cloud solutions, public cloud or hybrid cloud.

One reflex, create your online account and extend the range of possibilities with Cloudwatt!