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Cloud decision engine

Moving to public, private and hybrid clouds came with an increasingly complex choice of options. Our smart engine recommends best price/performance solutions.

  • Create and enforce recommendation policies for your company to keep control and decision workflow
  • Include all your enterprise agreements on any private and public cloud contracts
  • Integrate with most popular Orchestration tools, Cloud Service Brokers and Cloud Management Platform
  • Use our smart web application, our command line interface or get direct access to our API

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Media Coverage

Cloudscreener tested the clouds for performance, prices and level of service. They looked at Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace.

Julie Bort Business Insider

View All wants to help you by asking you a couple of basic questions about your needs. It then combines that with the performance data it gathers from all of the different services in its library and gives you a sorted list of possible solutions.

Frederic Lardinois Techcrunch

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Each month, Journal Du Net Cedexis and CloudScreener publish the cloud provider monthly ranking (Performances / Pricing / Features)

Antoine Crochet-Damais JDN

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Cloud computing prices drop by almost 50% each year, says Anthony Sollinger, CEO of CloudScreener, a company specialized in cloud offers comparison.

Didier Géneau Le Monde

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CloudScreener helps companies decide which cloud to use.

Jacques Henno Les Echos

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Anthony Sollinger, Cloudscreener co-founder was invited to 01Business TV show on BFM Business

Frédéric Simottel BFM Business

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