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Cloud decision engine

Moving to public, private and hybrid clouds came with an increasingly complex choice of options. Our smart engine recommends best price/performance solutions.

  • Create and enforce recommendation policies for your company to keep control and decision workflow
  • Include all your enterprise agreements on any private and public cloud contracts
  • Integrate with most popular Orchestration tools, Cloud Service Brokers and Cloud Management Platform
  • Use our smart web application, our command line interface or get direct access to our API

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Common questions

  • My company has specific agreements with public cloud vendors. Is it possible to include them in your engine?

    Of course. We built our engine to be specific for each enterprise. We can not only include public prices of cloud platforms but also import your specific prices.
    It can be percentage of discount on public price, price list in any format (.csv or any), or whatever specificities you may have.

  • Which cloud vendors do you include in the recommendation?

    We include first AWS and Azure. We will add very soon others vendors like Google, IBM Bluemix or OVH. We include also price list from your private cloud contracts. If you need more, we can help and analyze integration of your vendor.

  • How does your recommendations work?

    Our recommendation is based on relevance feedback algorithm, and assign weight on every criteria (price, performance, location…) from user's needs. We analyzed user's requests and priorities: then we match with the closest solution on every criteria.

  • What is recommendation policies?

    Finding the best placement for any workload is not only a matter of finding the less expensive and the best performing cloud resource. It's also looking at the context of your enterprise, architecture's guidelines, even considering internal politics.
    IT architects and managers enforce rules in our engine that drive any placement within the enterprise. As an example: prohibit some datacenters location, or any cloud services that does not fit with security's policies ...

  • Which Cloud Management Platforms are integrated with your API?

    We are targeting HP, VMWare or Red Hat CMPs, and orchestrations tools like Hashicorp tools. Our objective is to bring data-driven decision into CMP worflow.

  • How do you handle user's access rights ?

    Every users has specific profile with specific rights. Based on this profile, users can access (or not) to cloud contrats, create policies, implement rules or escalate recommendation based on predefined criteria.